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  • jrr ·
    Well I have had enough and to SOA credit it appears a buyback is being worked and I should know by Friday. Grabbing under load is back and infrequently really grabs and scared my wife all to ****. Post TSB there is a steady pulsing in both the wheel and the seat, not road feel. At 70 the shakes are still there but diminished by 80%. Another big issue post TSB is the steering is like driving a truck. I was worn out after a 40 mile test drive. Funny I offered them a make whole after trade in or a OB swap with right of refusal if a shaker AND a 10K mile " no question asked buy back if the shakes developed". They wanted to keep it in their corporate acceptable solution. What ever. Think it will be a Ford Edge>
    jrr ·
    Just a quick hi. Just traded in the Mini works car for a 335i sedan. Dinan software/induction and suspension. Its a 24Kmile 08. 400hp/434 tq. This will be fun. Has both the BMW andDinan warranty. BMW dealer [also a Dinan]is even delivering the car tomorrow since they are about 2 hours south
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