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  • yamato123 ·
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    yamato123 ·
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    Chuck123 ·
    Hi, going off a post you made 4 years ago, it seems like you'd likely know the answer to this... I'm replacing axle seals on a 2003 Baja 2.5. Got the retainer off - I counted 6.5 turns. Putting it back on, I can only seem to get to about 5 turns... I'm thinking that I probably counted too many taking it off, not realizing it was done threading... (but I'm not sure...? :-( ). -- I'm wondering if I should back it off to 4.5 (so the marks line up) or leave it at 5...????? What are the implications of screwing this up? - Thanks.
    ardvarkious ·
    Retired tech here with vision problems. Can you tell me the bearing numbers for the idler and tensioner pulleys so I can order the replacement bearings for my 2010 outback 3.6l on amazon? I live in a rural area in northern NM so finding them locally is not an option. Also, have you replaced the bearing in the alternator?

    Evil Soob ·
    I see a post that says you're familiar with the H6 EZ30 engine swaps.....

    Unfortunately, that's what I'm looking at doing and I need a little advice.

    First, I have a 2005 Outback R LL Bean with the 5 speed sport shift and 3.0 H6 with the EZ30.

    What significance does the letter after EZ30 (D, E, etc)? and where do I find that info? I see the EZ30 on my block and heads....

    The other question is, can I pull and reinstall the engine and transmission together or do I have to split them to do that?

    I'm looking at a JDM engine, what's your take on them?

    Jack Barnerd
    Evansville, IN
    [email protected]
    mas0328 ·
    Hello Gary (?), I was reading up on changing the wheel bearings on a GEN 3 Outback and came upon your post.

    I recently purchased a 05 LL Bean with 175,000 miles. I promptly replaced all brake rotors and pads and according to a Subaru dealership, it is in need of additional repairs such as replacing the lower control arm and bushings.

    Additionally, we noticed the car makes noises that is consistent with a bad wheel bearing when driven above 40mph. We thought it was coming from the rear but it makes a 'WEE WEE" sound when I turn the wheel, which should mean that one of the front bearings needs to be looked at.

    So, I was wondering if you live close to the NY metropolitan area and do repairs. I'd rather bring the car to someone knowledgeable than the local shop.

    Thank you.
    Shannon Louise ·
    I wanted to thank you for providing such an informative answer on 7/17/12. I've owned a Toyota Matrix for the last 12 years and put over 300,000 miles on it. It was totaled when I was rear-ended last month, and I was literally heartbroken. It has been the best car. I use my car for work, and my Toyota never let me down.

    I've been looking to replace my car and need something AWD because with my job I frequently end up on poorly maintained mountain roads. I don't know the first thing about Subarus, and your explanation about what to look for when buying a Subaru with more than 100,000 was spot on. I have $14K to spend and want to get the most for my money. I don't expect to get the same gas mileage as with my Matrix, and I'm really sad that Toyota no longer makes them...but I'm looking forward to possibly getting a Subaru.

    Thanks again!
    coach9484 ·
    Mr. Gary,

    I have been lurking around the forums for some time and am having an issue that your knowledge would hopefully help with. Any help would greatly be appreciated. I am an average wrencher that has taken my outback apart twice now.

    Short story because the message board will not allow the long one. Would you please help me with my outback engine issue. I need new heads and I cannot find any with the EGR like my 03 2.5 has on it. I can get some from a salvage yard that are non EGR. Would I be able to do the EGR delete as you have posted and use non EGR heads? I can send you more info on what I have done in an email or multiple messages if you would like.

    I have had the car apart more than together and drove it a total of 100 miles. I really want to get it up and running soon and our of the garage. ****, I will send you some Wisconsin cheese in trade.

    Thanks for your time,

    Dana Bongle
    [email protected]
    juicer ·
    Hey GG,
    Once again have to ask... is USMB down or is it just me?
    Just my luck as I had just posted asking for HELP...
    Annie’s LLB Outback ·
    Hello Grossgary,

    As per our most recent CEL code issues thread, could you please advise as
    to what we should be looking for regarding this issue.

    Member eagleye though you might have some ideas

    Thanks in advance,

    msa6 ·
    Hey grossgary (or is it Gary Gross?).

    Our '01 Outback Wagon, which I think is in okay shape (about 150,000 miles), now has a blown engine (hole in the block, won't hold oil). Happens to now be at the dealer in Staunton, VA. Someone on the board suggested touching base with you for thoughts on what we might do. Gut is to scrap it (and maximize dollars; it has pretty new tires for sure), but perhaps we should think about putting in another (used) engine, and getting it back on the road.

    Any suggestions/recommendations?

    ptatner64 ·
    I was told I should seek your advice. This is what I posted:
    I have searched and think I found my answer but nothing definite. I have a 2002 Outback 2.5 and when the car sits for more than 5-10 minutes it is hard to start. I think the fuel pressure is bleeding off. Is there an actual pressure check valve or is it part of the fuel pump? It's just annoying not life threatening, but if it is the pump, I don't want it to go out altogether while I'm out driving. Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank You
    juicer ·
    Sure. Thanks. I had contacted Nipper as well since I know he crosses over from USMB to SubaruOutback but hadn't heard back if USMB was actually up and running. I guess I have more noodling to do.
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