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  • yamato123 ·
    Bạn cần tìm địa chỉ học kế toán
    công ty đào tạo kế toán
    học kế toán ở đồng nai
    + trung tâm kế toán đống đa
    -lớp học kế toán tại minh khai
    và học kế toán ở thủ đức p
    nữa nhé là lớp học kế toán ở cần thơ
    tiếp là trung tâm đào tạo kế toán tại đồng nai
    toysbyus ·
    Hi Joe:

    Tried responding to your post BUT the links from the site were inoperative.

    We live in NH (Born Free Or Die) so I have little fear about displaying the NRA stickers on my car. Of course, the intolerant lefties up here (and we DO have some, mostly immigrants from Massachusetts).........would likely want to cause some damage BUT with so many people here carrying, they'd be taking a huge chance..........

    I have refrained from any political stickers this time around because their climate is getting more and more dangerous.......I had them on my 2003 Forester with NO problems other than dirty looks but that car was 12 years old and had some dimples and chips.....the OB is mint....
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