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    Im doing some research and your car is very similar as to what I want for a final product, I have just a few questions...

    1. Why did you decide to go with the Rallitek skidplate but Primitive for your other armor?
    2. Where did you wire the lights to (switchwise; are they indedpendent or are they part of your highbeams) and were they made for the crash bar you put in?

    Thanks for the input, I traded in a Grand Cherokee for the Subie and want to prove to my Jeep buddies that for the cost I am saving in fuel I can outdo them in the snow (King Springs, a body lift and some studded snows will hopefully be in the budget by winter. :)) Hope to hear back soon and thanks for the feedback
    Manner Lee ·
    Dear jp1203,
    I spilled ATF, and there are some smoke from the exhaust pipe I guess.
    Would you let me know how you cleaned the fluid off?

    Quote from jp1203
    That was the second drain, too, if I remember correctly. The first was even darker than that. Looked like old motor oil that hadn't been changed in 20K miles or something. The second time was lighter, and the fluid on the dipstick is cherry red now (wasn't after the first time). I will probably do one more drain and fill for good measure, though. I think it's safe to say that was the original fluid.

    I didn't expect the oil to hit the exhaust when I took the drain plug was just the first burst that hit it.

    The rest was from trying just one funnel. The fluid splashed really bad when I tried to pour it in. Two funnels worked much better :D
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