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  • ekkoo ·
    Cheers for the tips!

    The car was indeed creeping up on coolant temperature which is why i was also idling during the logging. This turned out to be low coolant levels caused by a slow leak on the lower radiator hose, the hose has been replaced and coolant fluid was also replaced since I had the timing chains, guides and tensioners replaced recently.

    You are probably right about the fuel trim also, my tuner said that my fuel injection seems off and recommended some fuel system cleaning additives for starters.

    I will definitely keep datalogging with the Tactrix but I think I'll use my tuner to do most of the analysis since I have plenty of physical work left to do on the car also.
    ekkoo ·
    Sure, you can download the log at:

    There's a fair bit of idling at the start and the end (was trying to reproduce a high idle temp issue also). Haven't tried to analyze it myself in depth too much yet. Saw that club liberty thread you linked earlier in a thread on here, that sounds like the factory tune might just be a bit crap for non-JDM fuel indeed.
    ekkoo ·
    Heya, I'm running a 2005 Legacy saloon on 98 E5 fuel up here in Finland. I've not tried 95 E10 (the other mainstream option here in addition to E85) yet but I'd imagine it's going to be worse. I did data logging with a Tactrix Openport and requested some log diagnostics from a tuner and he pointed out these issues.

    I've not done EGR cleaning/replacement yet and still need to replace the spark plugs, did I understand correctly that this seemed to help slightly? Did you try any heavy duty fuel cleaners or injector refurbish/replacement?
    ekkoo ·

    I stumbled onto your threads about your H6 engine and your symptoms sound very similar to mine (~0.5 IAM and knock correction during high gear/low rpm highway situations). Did you ever figure out any permanent fix to it?

    I've gone through the PCV valve, fuel cleaning additives, smoke testing for intake leaks etc. without luck so far.

    Edit: I see you partially worked around the issue by pulling timing manually yourself in the ROM so I take it you didn't find any nice underlying cause that wouldn't involve detuning the engine?
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