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  • connorlikesbikes ·
    No rubbing anywhere, yet. I'm planning on going another inch lower in the spring, and I think I'm going to run into some problems in the front. I'm already rubbing on the top of the fender liner if I hit those expansion joint "drops" on the freeway too fast. Hopefully some trimming and tucking will fix that. Also, I will have to roll my fenders. Not a big deal, just has to be done. I already have the tool.

    The suspension is definitely a little stiff. I don't mind it too much, but my girlfriend hates it. Then again, she hates whenever I take a turn more than 5mph over the suggested speed... But oh well.
    Scooba Steve ·
    he mixes mostly other peoples stuff with some of his (i know no where near as cool) but im still super stoked on what he was able to accomplish, and it all flows very well. cant help but to be supportive and spread the word... glad you like it :D damage is my favorite he has done so far
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