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  • jherzog ·
    Hi Lock Medic,

    I found the post here where you gave some good advice:

    I have a related case. 2015 subaru Outback, and I lost both full remote keys. I now only have the valet key left. It is a true valet key as it doesn't open the glovebox. It appears to be a conventional cut key. I am buyng two new remote keys and want have them cut as full keys from the valet key. I've heard that any decent locksmith should be able to do it. But then I heard from one dealer they can't cut it, they have to order the new key precut because the pattern of the full key is unknown. I've also heard conflicting things about what makes it a valet-- is it just the dimension/number/type of grooves or a different cut/tooth pattern on the tip? Thanks!

    Evil Soob ·
    I see a post that says you're familiar with the H6 EZ30 engine swaps.....

    Unfortunately, that's what I'm looking at doing and I need a little advice.

    First, I have a 2005 Outback R LL Bean with the 5 speed sport shift and 3.0 H6 with the EZ30.

    What significance does the letter after EZ30 (D, E, etc)? and where do I find that info? I see the EZ30 on my block and heads....

    The other question is, can I pull and reinstall the engine and transmission together or do I have to split them to do that?

    I'm looking at a JDM engine, what's your take on them?

    Jack Barnerd
    Evansville, IN
    [email protected]
    fred25 ·
    help! I am trying to remove the cams from a 2003 2.5 in order to remove heads due to hg leaks. The bolts are 3mm hex on the smaller ones but the others I can't seem to find the right size. 6mm hex is too big, T40 is a sloppy fit and T45 is too big. 5.5 hex is the closest that seems to fit but it still feels like it is trying to round out. If one does round out, is there any way to get it out other than drilling the head off, then replacing the bolt? thanx
    nazvwxt6 ·
    Hello, I have saw a post you replied to about driveshaft interchangability.

    I have an 06 outback with an H6, will the 06 - 09 driveshaft from the H4 fit? Does the H4 have to be the 5spd or will the 4spd work also? Thank you.
    Shaun Nasman
    oldnevada ·
    Hey lockmedic!

    So I found a guy in Ottawa who had a couple of keyless entries. I got 2 for 60$ so, Pretty pleased.

    He thought he had a remote start control for me but it didn't work with the installed auto start and my mechanic won't help me on that issue, so... I should have bought WarAmps tags when I first bought the car, then when my camera bag was stolen, some kind soul could have tossed my key set in the mailbox... live and learn.
    piperpilot ·
    Hi LockMedic. I''m new to this forum and was referred to you from a post, they said you might have an answer.

    I have a 2009 2.5 PZEV with a blown engine. I also have a complete non-PZEV engine from 2007. I read in this forum that the exhaust and injectors are different. I also found that the PZEV has 4 bolts where the exhaust manifold bolts to the head while my non-PZEV has 3 bolts.

    So my first question is; Are the heads different? If so, do the heads, intake, etc from a 2009 PZEV bolt up to the 2007 non-PZEV short block without causing any issues like pistons hitting the valves?

    Second question; Assuming that the heads and stuff are interchangeable, is there anything else I should change or look out for? (I understand I'd have to check the the electrical plugs on the sensors & stuff because they tend to vary)

    I've searched posts on here and other forums but could not find any definitive answer. I can't be the only one to try this.

    Thanks in advance!
    oldnevada ·

    I found another Subaru dealer not too far off, that could order my 1º key (and 2 keyless remotes in stock actually -expensive, but.....). Thanks, lockmedic.
    oldnevada ·

    My outback is a 2002 and looking for 2 new keyless entry remotes and a primary key. Mine got stolen when my camera bag got swiped. I have a back-up key however. Can you redirect on Canada side? Or advise?
    My local Canadian Subaru dealership has no interest in helping me.

    Cheers and thanks,

    tmtrebor ·

    I was referred to you from one of my posts. I have an 05 outback which just threw a rod. I was wondering if you knew of any junk yards or engines I could buy and drop back into this thign.
    I bought a remote for my door locks. I didn't have one at all. I tried to program it, but it has to be programmed by the dealer. If I buy a second one, I should be able to program it directly from the other one, correct?
    chatham ·
    Why don't you get under one of the pre-2008 vehicles and take a look at the suspension. Now compare it to a new car so-called suspension.
    jef ·
    Good day,
    eagleeye suggested that you might be able to help me with an interchange question:

    I currently have a 2006 Outback Limited (EJ253 / 4AT / 250K miles) and have an opportunity to acquire a 2009 Legacy (EJ253 / 4AT? / 80K miles). If i wanted to swap the newer engine into the older car, are there specific (electronic) components that must be taken off of the 2006 engine and put on the 2009 to use the Outback's existing ECU & wiring harness?

    Sincere thanks.
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