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  • miahill9 ·
    Good day. Where did you source the wiring diagram posted on page 10 of the nav lockout topic?

    I am looking for something similar related to the x-mode / hill hold buttons.

    SVTLightning ·
    Hi Lorenzo. I saw your post regarding the Ambassador coupon. I have not ordered, or purchased my Subaru yet, but I am switching from Toyota to Subaru. I was wondering if you may still have any coupons still available. I live in the West Suburbs outside of Downtown Chi.
    avd4k ·
    Hi Lorenzo! If you still have any of the Ambassador, I'd be very grateful for one for my father-in-law's future Outback. Thanks!!
    the4starr ·
    Where did you buy the fog light covers? are they Lamin-x or did you have them done somewhere? Any links or s/n or direction would be much appreciated. I have a 2016 3.6 and want to replicate a lot of what you have done.
    Ekeenan8686 ·
    Ok great thanks Lorenzo, and you found these easy to install, plug and play for the most part? Any issues getting the housing cover off, I worry sometimes about cracking those things trying to get them off. The headlights look great, I definitely think I'll have to check that out. Thanks!
    OlyWa ·
    Hi Lorenzo. My name is John, I live in Olympia, Washington, and I have a 2015 3.6R. I'm contacting you in connection with my interest to mount a 2nd set of wheels/tires on my vehicle; more specifically, in connection with the TPMS-related aspects. I've read some (maybe all) of your posts related to this... and I have a few related questions, that I'm hoping you might help me with.
    My GOAL: buy a set of wheels/tires (from TireRack), mount them, and deal successfully with the TPMS issues myself, without needing to 'go to my local Subaru dealer' to re-set the new TPMS sensors to the car's TPMS HQ. I think I understood you to say (in your posts about this), that using the ALTEQ(?) tool (which can be bought @ Amazon, etc) you were able to accomplish some specific aspects of the TPMS re-set procedure, but that you nonetheless had to go to Subaru dealer to fully accomplish the whole exercise. I'll stop here, and ask if you're willing to chat w/me about this. Thanks!
    rr26 ·
    How ya doin'? I like a lot of your mods, but maybe I'm too old to get into the black thing. :shrug:
    I was at Grand (got the moldings and I like them) today and talked w/ one of the service reps about maintenance schedule. He was adamant about the 3750, 7500, etc. vs 6000, 12000, etc.. He says we live in an area that is considered severe conditions. Then he said it's not like living in a place like AZ where the temp is more consistent. Jeez...they have +100° for 6 months!!! That's better than Chi?
    In days of old we just adjusted the oil weight from season to season, NOT halving the frequency.
    What do you think? What schedule are you going to use? I just want a guarantee that if I follow the 6000 schedule, my extended warranty will be valid. ****, I only put ~5K miles per year, but my "trips" always get the car to operating temp and about 30% highway. Let me know what you think.
    FWIW...I sent this question to SoA to hopefully get the definitive answer.
    TCOB ·
    Hi Lorenzo! I had mine done professionally. The application isn't the most difficult - It's the polishing of the entire car to remove swirls, micro marring, and everything else that should be left to a pro. This product shouldn't really be installed on a car without removing imperfections in the vehicles finish since the product is permanent.
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