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  • mcbrew ·
    Yes, you'll splice into the brake wire up under the dash. It is a brown/white wire, assuming they haven't changed it. You can catch it up where the wire ends at a plug. It's pretty simple, once you contort yourself into position.

    I used the brake wiring kit from It has everything you need. It includes the outlet with both round RV style and 4-way flat connectors, wiring for brakes and 12v power, circuit breakers for both, and all the connectors you'll need.

    The only other thing I needed was the bracket to mount the plug to my round Curt hitch tube.
    Prop Man ·

    I need to install a trailer brake controller and 7-pin receptacle on a 2014 3.6 Outback. It's already wired with the factory 4-pin plug, so I was going to get an adaptor kit on line. I have wired up lots of these on American cars and trucks, so I totally understand the concept , but was hoping you could give me some tips. Did you have to splice into the brake switch wiring? I am assuming its on the pedal assembly like most modern cars?

    Any and all help would be much appreciated!
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