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  • SgtSchultz ·
    Hello Mudrunner -

    I also have a 2000 which turns 13yrs old this May. All stock and in near mint shape. 140K miles.

    Was wondering if you have ever done anything with the automatic trans.

    I am getting recurring P0743 codes for the trans. I've tested and replaced several solenoids in the last couple of years, but still get P0743 kicking in every 1000-2000 miles. The tranny shifts fine and the TQ locks up fine too. I've swapped out TCM's and ECU's and nothing changes. I can't find anything obvious with the wiring.

    Any suggestions? Do you have a source for trans parts where I can raid their stash for more solenoids or is there something else I should be looking at.

    I'm a DIY'er like yourself and have all the tools to do anything except machining work.
    outbackoklahoma ·
    i was checking out your OB and happened to notice, that we have the same birthday. i found it entertaining enough to send a message about it.
    Darksyde ·
    MudRunner -

    Hello, my name is Bob and I have an'02 Outback wagon similar to yours. I noticed on the page you made a "custom" cold/ram air intake for your car. I was wondering if you have anything running down into the fender well area, or if it just stops at the fender? I am looking to do the same thing with my car and was just wondering?


    BTW - I like what you've done to yours so far!
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