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  • porcupine73 ·
    Hi nipper, how've you been man. I haven't been on the forums in a few years. It says you were last here about 3 years ago. Is the ultimate subaru forum still around? I've tried a few times to go on there over the last six months or so but it always gives some kind of error.
    medmunds ·
    Hi, I joined the forum last month and posted a classified at that time. Can you explain how to 'bump it' to relist it currently?

    Thanks, Merritt
    poppy ·
    I have just purchased a Outback diesel with a manual transmission. I would like to flat tow the outback behind a motorhome using a blu ox a frame tow hitch . Has anyone had experience doing this.

    vincel ·
    Nipper, I have a 2001 LLBEAN OB and my roof leaks to the trunk bed area when parked with the hood higher than the trunk. I'd appreciate info on how to the roof area to find the drain holes.
    [email protected]
    10tictacs ·
    Whether I am on android or a computer, the site is not allowing or letting me subscribe to a thread. Can you please help?


    johnny_k ·

    I joined the forum just to get in touch with you. I noticed a comment on another thread regarding service/repair manuals. I have a 2000 Outback and am looking for a service manual. Do you happen to have one?
    Gabriel144 ·
    I have an old Subaru legacy with 250,000 miles on it. I just got the engine rebuilt and i have been having issues with powerloss, i have 11 codes and i read recently that these can be caused but the green connectors under the dash i just unplugged them. What all do those cause if driven like that?
    theozen ·
    have a 2000 outback and have an electrical issue. driving with the lights on, sometimes they seem to brighten ( probably how they should be), and the ABS light, and battery light flash on, also when i run the heater fan on high it the same warning lights flash on. any thoughts on how to fix? i was thinking an alternator or connection somewhere loose. thanks for your help.
    Evil_XT ·
    Can you please remove the comment made by some moron in my classified ad please. It the ad for the 07 subaru impreza outback sport se.
    Thank you
    rwranger98 ·
    i have an obw limited fs, it is currently on page two. hoping to sell by june 1st. i read forum rules, but not too familiar with site. i read that once a week i can "bump" it to the top. how do i do this?
    Greasy ·
    Nipper, can you tell me where to find info on automatic transmission compatability? I bought a 2002 OBW, 2.5L, the pinion shaft bearing went out and roasted the ring gear, pinion gear and cases. The model # of the trans is TZ1A4ZCDBA, I've found a lot of possibles on ebay that say they will fit, but I want to make sure the gear ratio and transmission controller will match, any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Greasy
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