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  • fajnesubaru ·
    There is always first time :D. Thank you for your respond. I'm a newbie here (but I'm NASIOC, Legacy and Forester forums member). It was only way how I could contact you. I asked you in visitor message: "... Hi, can I ask you what rims you had install on your white '11 white OBK ?, They looked very good on that year model... ". Out of all rims those really nice fit that OBK.
    Once again, thank you for your respond
    OBnube ·
    Apologies for the delay in responding. Tis' the season to be distracted. I went back and looked at the invoice and it just lists the manufacturer "Sport Edition" IIRC the model was P7. They are no longer available. If you are familiar with they have a "configurator" that lets you show any wheel on your car. The closest I could find was the Sport Edition F12.
    fajnesubaru ·
    Hi, can I ask you what rims you had install on your white '11 white OBK ?, Thay looked very good on that model.
    Thank You
    Kind regards
    OBnube ·
    Sorry for the delay in responding. I was away for the holiday without internet. I'm a bit braindead this morning and am not understanding "SAS"? Are you asking about the Special Appearance Package, rear sway bar or the whole car? I'm sure I'm missing the obvious. The best price I've ever found for the rear sway bar is online at Subaruonlineparts. Just under $100 delivered. I purchased my '13 in September of 2012 from Maita Subaru in Sacramento.
    ontheroadagain ·
    Hi what year did you get this SAS and could you tell me the dealership you received it from. I am at 30,000.00 on my 2013 2.5 OB and need to find one. Frankly, I just assume buy it online.

    OBnube ·
    Absolutely every penny.. Love the SAP extras. Get lots of comments on the "rich" brown leather. Keyless start, memory seats and rear A/C vents are a must for us now. I have no issues with wandering. Corners nicely. Ride is a bit stiffer now. Better IMO. I did put a 19mm swaybar on from my 2011. Acceleration feels quicker with less pedal. CVT metrics are tighter now, not as much lag when accelerating. Added a Fumoto oil drain valve at 1k. With the oil filter on top and the Fumoto oil changes are a snap. I usually keep cars 8-10 years but am glad I made this switch. The $$ hit was not too bad. I also like the grill/fogs much better on the '13.
    photomel ·
    I noticed that you said you traded your 2011 Outback for a 2013 Outback. I am thinking of doing the same. Are you happy with your decision? How do you like the SAP on the 2013? Is it worth the extra cost. I like the white/brown color combo.
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