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    Thanks for all the input, I was looking at a few different tires and the ones you are mentioning had gotten good responses. I do see a fair bit of bare pavement only because of how well prepared for snow we are here in CT. The plows are serious biddness lol. I think I will be doing all Primitive stuff plus the Kings in one shot to save on shipping (lots of money but I look at the individual shipping of multiple orders to be worse.) I would also definitely being doing struts GR2s of course. I am shooting for 10" of clearance after settling.
    jp1203 ·
    The King Springs are awesome--can't say enough good about them! They're definitely my best investment for the car. Might as well replace your struts while you're at it if you have got some miles on them. On my H6, they added just over an inch of height, so my minimum clearance is about 9" now.

    I bought General Altimax Arctic snows for this winter (mounted to their own aluminum rims). I did not stud them. I ran studded snows on FWD vehicles before, and I don't think they offer much of an advantage over good studless snows (and are possibly a disadvantage). They tear up the roads, are not good at all on bare pavement (which is what I encounter a lot in the winter), and the Altimax Arctics have so many sipes in them I think they'll do very well. There's a lot of articles by tire dealers etc. online saying that the same exact tires are no better studded than studless...just something to think about.
    jp1203 ·
    I bought the Rallitek front skid plate before the others. I chose it over the primitive because I liked the design a little better, but the hole isn't in the right place for access to the oil filter on the H6 (but I knew that when I bought it--and I can reach it anyway without taking the plate off). A forum member was selling his transmission pan and rear diff Primitive plates for a good price, so I bought them later.

    My PIAA 540s are wired directly off of the battery...I wanted the flexibility of being able to run them independent of everything and it saved dealing with stealing power from something for a relay.

    The bar isn't really a crash bar, it wouldn't withstand too much abuse. It's designed to hold lights without making them shake or making you drill extra holes somewhere on the car...not too much more than that. Primitive makes a different bar, I believe, that really is a push bar, but I think you have to drill through the bumper to mount it.
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