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  • kmm ·
    Hey parky...did you ever find seat covers for your '15 Outback? I am also interests in getting seat covers, but can't find any that specify compatibility with the type of seat cushion air bag Subaru uses.
    parky ·
    The dealer did not have an ETA on when it would arrive. He said an ETA will be assigned when the car gets a VIN number. I'm supposed to hear back from them next week as it should have a VIN by then. I expect it will probably arrive in late August, but don't know for sure.

    I did have to put down the $500 deposit which will be applied toward the down payment on the car when it comes in. I didn't ask if it was refundable. They did tell me it would be $50 for temporary plates (they can't do the plates because I'm not registering the car in Illinois) and there was a $166 doc fee included in the OTD price. Outside of this there were no other fees.

    Beware going into the dealership without an appointment. In the internet sales building they seemed to stay very busy (perhaps just because it was a Saturday). They also seemed short staffed during my visit. Overall it's definitely worth it to make the drive out there. They saved me about $1k off my next lowest quote.

    Hope that helps!
    Lucky_Shot ·
    Hi parky. How was your experience dealing with Grand? When do you expect to pick up your order? They say the $500 deposit is refundable. Was that the case with you? What fees were included in your price? Thanks!
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