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  • ported ·
    Sqeaking is still happening the odd time. The ride is stiff, except when loaded for trips etc. I also upgraded the front and rear links and sway bars at the same time. I have a dedicated Subaru mechanic that works on my car and who owns a JDM Impreza turbo. (I'm very lucky) He has driven my OB a few times and loves the handling. Because of the stiffness of everyday driving, things make more noise than a mushy ride would. All said I wouldn't hesitate to do it over. I've gotten out of trouble twice by hauling on the steering wheel and having the car flatly respond, fortunately on dry pavement. The ride is a matter of taste. I'm a corner type of guy, not straight line. Love the mods. Good luck eh, no matter what, stiffening up the OB is a good thing in my books. Safer car I think.
    beastcivic ·
    Hey, I saw you posted in a thread about King Springs a few years back. I wanted to pick your brain and see what you think of them now (years later). Any complaints other than the squeaking? I'm thinking of getting a raised kit for my car and replace the struts while I'm at it with the springs.
    Any feedback would be appreciated, I want to make a good choice and am debating between lifting, or stock height. And Kings vs RalliTech. Or just getting new struts and keeping the stock springs.
    I don't mind a stiff suspension (I used to own a WRX and loved it), and need it for when I have two adults in the back and gear in the trunk. Right now even with two adults it'll bottom out on the highway over bridges sometimes, or on country roads that are hilly.
    Thanks for your feedback in advance!
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