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  • Primotenente ·

    Exactly. Side to side is another thing and done by electronics. Xmode and breake vectoring are about side to side. This is what subiesailor fails to understand and why he is wrong.

    Yes, in theory they can vary torque more, and make it a front wheel drive but what would be the advantage of having a fwd or "almost fwd vehicle"? So it is only a disadvantage, especially as the clutch is always slipping and sending power to the rear.

    The differential does not work as an LSD - the MPT works as "LSD" - the differential only works as differential and balances torque. Point is a differential is made for this, a clutch not.

    The point is that a differential is much smoother and faster and therefore the better solution. Whith a slight rear wheel bias you have better handling. VTD feels more like rwd, the other like fwd with endless understeering.

    Go to youtube, enter "quattro snow", whatch those viedeos and you will see what I am talking about.
    pcray1231 ·
    Hey man, too bad they closed that thread. Teach me something. Per my understanding, the thing that distinguishes VTD from "Active AWD" is the planetary center diff. Thus we are only talking about front/rear power distribution, and left/right is an independent conversation.

    BOTH use an electronically controlled MPT clutch. VTD adds a planetary gear differential. So, what does that planetary center diff do? My understanding:

    1. Bias the torque to the rear.
    2. Act as a center LSD. Front/rear remains controllable with MPT clutch but can't step too far out.

    That said, if the MPT clutch is truly fully controllable, capable of handling real loads and react very quickly, then even without that planetary diff:

    - Subaru can set the bias pretty much wherever it wants.
    - The LSD would almost never engage, and when it does, it'd be in situations where you might rather it not.

    I realize the "if's" are big ifs. But we're talking theoretically here. What am I missing?
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