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    I saw your post in the 2" lift thread and was just wondering what your general impressions of your current setup are.

    Is it like driving a truck?
    Is handling better/worse?
    Would you recommend a wheel change with the swap?

    Any feedback would be great.
    OregonFlorida ·
    Hi; I just bought a new 2012 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited from a dealer in Lewiston, ID and drove it home to Orlando. My wife is in NE Oregon for about half the year; she hit a deer and totalled her Toyota Camry and we ended up buying the Outback in a hurry. Like it so far.
    Have any recommendations/comments about Subaru dealers in the Orlando area? We live in VillageWalk at Lake Nona (SE of the airport; 417/Narcoossee
    SubieFanatic ·
    Hey, appreciate your insights on the outback. One quick question for you. When you are driving normally, then hit snow/mud, can you tell when it transfers the power to the wheels that can get traction or does it do it well enough that it just goes forward and cant really tell. I know that supposidly it has the 90:10 torque split and i wasnt sure if when it slips if it takes long enough to engauge that it is noticable or if it was more seamless
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