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  • Richard Pare ·
    Know what you mean - always something that takes time away from the fun things!

    Eventually I'll upgrade to a new head unit that will accept a stick or Bluetooth - I currently have only the original '01 Subaru unit, so i'm stuck just playing CDs. What i am seeing so far is that those units that accept a stick, the port is on the back side instead of in the front panel! Not very friendly!

    Since you like Parov, what other electroswing groups have you found so far?
    Noll ·
    Going pretty well, thanks!

    Currently just using a FM transmitter on my '03, probably will do the same on whatever car I get for the trip unless I luck out and find something that has an aux port. I'd like to get a head unit for my outback that has an aux input at some point, but need to get/replace the rear right bearing hub assembly as a priority before spending $$ on that.
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