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  • clevinso ·
    Hi -- a quick question about posting to Outback Unpaved. I'm a new member. I just attempted to post my first Q to the forum. It doesn't seem to have posted. Is there an approval process? Does it simply take time? Or did I do something wrong? Many thanks.
    SteveO ·
    HeyMan,I was wondering about ur post on new stuts? I hav a 98 obw. want to put the forester stuts on. how did it work out for u? any probs? Im concernd bout the bolt line up if they will match. any stats would be great.
    Rigwrkr ·
    Hey Rockhopjohn, just joined but have read many posts of yours in the past and realized you live in Missoula, too! I have an 04 OBW that I just bought and am doing some light mods on it...driving lights and new fogs. I'm trying to remember, have you posted wiring pics or was it another member? Thanks for your help
    DM3415 ·
    Rockhopjohn, I already duel posted the HID thread in the DIY section when I wrote it originally. The purpose of having it in the 2010... forum is that it sees more action there and spurs more discussion than it would in DIY. I would request that it stay where it is so people can keep commenting on it and not duplicate posts in DIY.
    mtbpozz ·
    hey thanks for your thorough post on DIY brake pad install, got a quote of $700 from my dealer, so gonna try it using your guide. In another post somebody (I thought you but maybe not) suggested an online resource for good prices on pads, parts etc... maybe R1 performance or something? Anyhow I can't find that thread again and wondered if you knew the vendor I'm trying to think of. Thanks and take care.
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