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  • lomita ·
    Likewise, driving a FJC 2014 after selling the 99 OBS. Got stuck to the floor boards twice last summer. Never again.
    Joelz33 ·
    What's up man I'm new. I saw what you did to your outback on YouTube and became a fan I was wondering what did you do to your subaru? Because I have a 01 outback and want to do the same engine mods you have
    JRingold ·
    As of today, I'm in need of something you had previously listed. Subaru Baja Cover Fuel Flap Panel 57620AE00A Gun Metal Grey The eBay listing doesn't show that it's been sold. Would you take $35 shipped via PayPal for it?
    Subhuman ·
    Oh and I forgot, Peaty who sometimes shows up around here (and who runs ScoobyMods) is the freaking genius as well as his co forum partner Kastle
    Subhuman ·
    Ha! Someone's playing a practical joke on me! Wiring is my nemesis, LOL!
    I've added a few different sets of aux lamps over the years but always with a fight. That said I will do my best to help you out.
    First though lets try a couple of websites where others do try this (different cars but if you have your manual you should be able to locate the same wires):
    Jeep guy doing Hella 500s
    Forester Forum with PDF wire diagrams
    USMB Board info

    Also RockhopJohn is pretty good with wiring and so is FM Green so you can also give them a shoutout.
    Sorry I'm not the wiz you were told I am but cheers anyhow
    Turbo_Cruiser ·
    Hey Subhuman,
    I was referred to you for your expertise on wiring a set of Hella 500's to my '05 OB 2.5xt...

    If you're not too busy, I could really use some input.
    Here's the issue:
    I have wired these lights to the best of my ability (with help from the instructions), and am trying to hook them up to the highbeams so that they only turn on with the highbeams.

    As you are probably aware, there is a constant hot wire for my stock highbeams, making it difficult to hook up aux lighting. Do you know how/where I need to tap into the car (i.e. some sort of relay or fuse) in order to accomplish my goal?

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