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  • racerx1986 ·
    I would like to post a link for people to get special tools needed direct from Subaru if they are needed. what would you suggest as best place to provide that information.
    rscataldo ·
    Thank you lizard I'm lost at what do 07outback oil leak on exhaust just bought car for wife 66000 miles I'm taking it to shop Friday have warranty
    apexeric ·
    This afternoon I posted a question pertaining to aftermarket seats in "Maintenance and Problems". It was a duplicate post of the same question that I had posted in the "Gen 3" section.

    I re-posted the same question in a different section because the first post was not getting any response and I thought that I may have posted in the wrong section initially.

    Now I cannot seem to find my post in "Problems and Maintenance". Did my post get pulled or did I not post in the right section correctly?

    Thank you,

    msv6 ·
    I am replacing my rear tail light pods with new ones, since my old ones are crazed/cracked. Do you know what the black rubbery sticky stuff is that they use to seal the pods? It looks like a new bead needs to be put on the tail light pod before pressing it in place and tightening down the four nuts. Any idea what this compound is or where I could purchase some. Thanks for your assistance/opinion. Sincerely, msv6
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