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  • deepinmind ·
    I am about to embark on a Journey from Columbus, Ohio to my new home of Seattle, WA at the beginning of May. Right now I drive around 7 miles one way to work. When I get to Seattle I will be driving around the same distance to work possibly longer. I'm planning on using some type of fuel additive the whole 2,400 mile trip. Any suggestions for that? I get around 18-22MPG highway using high test fuel and I am trying to improve this to in the 24-25MPG range if I can. I'm changing my plugs and got iridium OEM plugs since I'm pretty sure the platinum ones were changed at 50,000 miles, and are most likely fouled and eroded. If you can help with any suggestions or recommendations I would be forever grateful!

    Mikey P
    deepinmind ·
    Hey I have a 2002 Outback H6 and I noticed you mentioned an alternative filter for the H4 that had longer intervals in a thread. Do you know of a larger filter alternative for the H6? I just got my Subby about 6 Mo. ago with 118k on it for a good deal. The oil fill port and the dipstick had a bit of caked on varnish, and I had heard good things about Amsoil so I got some of their engine flush and refilled it with Amsoil's 5w-30 and at the recommendation of the dealer put a cheap puroilator filter on for the flush, then filled it with the Amsoil and ran it for 1,100 miles with a pure one filter, and just recently put on an Amsoil Ea15k-20 filter. Any recommendations or advice for future oil changes, or my transmission/differentials? I only have 1,200 miles since i changed to Amsoil.
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