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  • traildogck ·

    I had some issues with Ebay and Subaru's Brand Infringement Division. Apparently Subaru felt I was acting like I was selling OEM stuff.

    I currently invoice folks through PayPal. All I would need is an email address, and you don't need to have a PP account.

    Are you interested in the front also? With the 20mm bar, I wouldn't upgrade the rear bushings on the bigger bar without doing the front on the car as well.

    You can email me at [email protected]

    yakfishing ·
    Hi Chris,
    I'm planning on upgrading my '19 Outback wagon with the 20mm rear sway bar. I understand you may have some upgraded bushings available. This car is primarily a daily driver with some occasional forest road fun. The daily drive is definitely the priority. I tried following your ebay links in the thread for these bushings but the page was no longer valid.

    yamato123 ·
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    spacematt ·
    Hi, I've got a 20mm AVO RSB on my 2006 LL Bean, and I think I may have asked you before, but will your bushings work with this one? The Whiteline no-squeak and the AVO bushings make a lot of noise. Thanks for your time.
    majpooper ·
    I would like to order the 85d front and rear - can you please provide instructions on how I can do that - would email be better and do you except PayPal?
    nimzie ·
    Hi there - was speaking with a connection at LP Aventure about transmission thrash. They mentioned your CKE SSP Bushings.
    In looking through I see this should fit mine but looks like product is no more.
    I've got a 2013 3.6 with auto trans.

    Please advise. Sounds like your product is the fix I need. If it's no longer available or won't be can you suggest an alternative? thank you.
    Evil Soob ·
    Hey Chris,

    I'm getting ready to replace the rear axle bearing assembly on my OB. Previously, I installed NAPA brand and they lasted a little over a year. I'm hoping that was just an anomaly! I'd rather not get into pressing the bearing out and back in. So, with that in mind, do you have any preferences or dislikes? I'd really like to not replace these every year! I believe only one is bad but will probably order 2 since this seems to be a weakness on the Gen 3's.

    Thanks for your opinion!
    jaminjames ·

    Another user said you might have some direct links that would be helpful in aiding me in the removal of the faceplate for the stereo/climate control faceplate. I'm having an issue where all the lights on the center stack work, but none of the controls are responsive to touch, and the screen is black. The upper screen display is functioning - the time/mileage display, but that is the only part of the center stack with any function. It's a 2005 3.0R Wagon. Any info you'd have would be greatly appreciated!
    nene503 ·

    I'll go with whatever you recommend. email is [email protected] I have paypal. Also, will it contain installation instructions? If not can you guide me to the place hre in the forum that has them.

    nene503 ·
    Hi traildogck,

    Question for you, I havbe a 2016 3.6r Outback with a Primitive 1.5" lift kit, WRX rim and KO2. I have the low speed wobble around 20 mph. What, if any, insert would you recommend and what is the price for it.


    traildogck ·
    I think these look great on any color. They look great on the Red car. And I hate red, never wanted red. And who would have thought that Blue Wheels would look good on red car. Not Me, but they look the sh*t. They look better than they do on Frankie. But Frank has it under the hood. You are new ... I have been here a long time. Meet Frank.


    King, Standard height springs


    Nice UnderSkirt Shot ...


    This was CherryBomb before the JDM aluminum rear bits


    JDM bits


    I like the "Senior Citizen Gold"

    They currently don't have rubber mounted. But you can come over and mount up a wheel and take a look. No harm-no Foul.

    Chris 720-373-9714
    elemental051 ·
    Didn't know "Visitor Messages" was an option, thanks!

    My car is gold, so i'm not sure how well bronze rims would work but if don't find something to mount winter tires on soon, I will definitely take them. I'm out of town for the weekend and will let you know whenever I get back in.

    kerfed ·
    Hi traildogck!
    I found a post where you mentioned you have become quite the specialist in OB front end rattles.
    Well, I am becoming desperate.
    I have a 2013 OB 3.6r.
    I have a "clunk/rattle" from the front end when going over bumps. My initial thought was that it was a loose battery, as it's a big loud clunk when hitting a pothole, and more like a bouncing rattle when going over consistent bumps like washbar on a gravel road. It is also worse on the left side. It wasn't the battery.
    Since then, I have:
    replaced struts and top caps,
    Replaced sway bar bushings,
    Replaced sway bar end links,
    replaced ball joints,
    cleaned and regreased braked caliper pins,
    zip tied all plastic shields under the hood,
    tightened hood stops,
    Pulled out alot of hair, and drank a lot of whiskey.

    so far the only thing that has helped is the whiskey!

    I have had local subaru dealer, and a local shop check it out, and find nothing wrong with the suspension.

    Do you have any ideas at all?

    CHsoobie ·
    Hi traildog,

    Need your input on this:
    Got an 18 OB limited and just installed the 20mm RSB. Would like to purchase the better Bushing for that and as well as the front that mention frequent on this site. But I don't know what size of sway bar came with the car in the front? should I get 75d or 85d ? lastly do I need to upgrade the end link in the rear too?
    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!
    Email me at [email protected]
    My ID is CHsoobie on this site

    drdanteiii ·
    I was pointed to you after posting this thread:

    You can see my transmission issues under the "annoying" category.
    But here is a re-post anyway.
    08 outback 3.0r 5eat
    occasional shudder from driveline during mild acceleration (30-45mph, or 75-80mph). As sonn as you back off, or go deeper into the throttle it stops.
    Things I've done to fix it:
    New Axle shafts all around (OEM or Raxles)
    New Prop Shaft (t-case to rear diff)
    Subaru dealer diagnosis inconclusive, but confirmed that it is NOT the torque convertor
    Subaru specialty shop diagnosis, same conclusion as subaru dealer. I was told to live with it until it gets worse for diagnosis. Its has not gotten worse.

    is this something you're familiar with?

    Thanks for your help!
    (sorry I can't PM yet, post count under 15)
    Theodore.b678 ·
    Hi traildog,
    I was told you would be able to help me price my outback. Since washington and colorado are pretty similar i figure prices are about the same. what do you think a 08-09 2.5xt with 120k miles manual and clean leather and clean title should sell for. It has no mods and had so parts replaced recently(I cant remember what).

    stevenva ·
    Great work on the SW bushings. They are a superior replacement. Hope they last the rest of its life.
    The Grimmspeed M/C brace you have..
    It claims fitment on Legacy GT '05-mid '07 NON VDC.
    Will it work on a 05 Outback H6 LLBean. Rockauto lookup has same M/C part between your XT and my 3.0?
    SubaruLoverCPA ·
    Also just scrolled through your pictures and was wondering where you got the upgraded rear sway bar mounts? Have been having trouble locating some, and am about ready to just get some custom made.
    SubaruLoverCPA ·
    Hey Trail Dog thanks for your quick reply. For some reason the forum is no longer allowing me to send you a PM. What is the whiteline 4 link that you mentioned? i was considering replacing bushings already when I do the coilovers, but am unfamiliar with that part.
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