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  • mag1 ·
    wutburger, Are you still running your Outback? I had sent you a message a couple of years back, I was running a 2000 VW tdi, and thinking about a 12/13 outback. Well, life happened, and i'm still running my jetta, but now it is at 358K, and the sunroof is leaking and I think I have an issue with the headliner, yada yada yada. Anyways, I am going to try and fix one or 2 little things, get rid of it, and hopefully make a move on a used outback, thinking about a 12-14 depending on millage and price. I've seen some still having issues with head gaskets, oil consumption on the newer ones, and some of the MT with clutch and throw out bearing failures. On my jetta, I still have org. clutch, exhaust, cv joints, ect..... I cannot see buying a 60-100K car and have to start replacing some of that stuff already. What has your experience been, any other issues you hear about, or are some of these just people that beat there car's?

    Thanks for any input.
    Outback_2010 ·
    hi i read your post re HID, i want to ask do you need to adjust the headlight once you have installed the HID kit from the standard halogen bulb? If yes does the adjustment also affect the high beam or does the high beam have its own separate adjustment? I have the 5th gen outback.
    Appreciate your response.
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