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  1. Abyss Blue Pearl Color Thread

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    Abyss Blue was my favorite color on the 2019 Outback and I don't think I will be changing my mind for the 2020 model. I didn't know what to think about it with the Onyx edition but your pictures make it look great 💙
  2. Rotella T6 In 2.4T

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    I agree 100%, the car buying public wants to buy vehicles with better fuel economy and the environmentalist crowd is constantly pushing for it too as well as lower emissions, waste, etc. It is a major market demand but I wonder what the long term effects might be on the consumer? More and more...
  3. Back to back test drive of 2.5 and 2.4T engines

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    The internet and in particular websites like this one are paradise for the vocal minority.
  4. Rotella T6 In 2.4T

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    FWIW the VSE oil has not been imported to North America yet so it may not have been tested by the API as of yet. I think I would rather just use ECS considering the cost, current availability, and current certifications. So many people are looking for definitive solutions, to include myself...
  5. Rotella T6 In 2.4T

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    Here's a post I made in another thread about the FB2.5: You all can do whatever you want, if you want to use 15w50 oil or 0w16 oil in your engine be my guest. I have not had any issues using 0w-20 in my two leased 2018 Outbacks. I have a personal affinity for Shell Rotella T6 5w40 and 5w30...
  6. Rotella T6 In 2.4T

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    A lot to respond to here. For everyone you find who will bash 0w-20 or any zero weight oil I could probably find plenty of engineers who would bore you to death going over the technical details of motor oils and the fact that many, if not most, modern engines are being built with tighter and...
  7. Rotella T6 In 2.4T

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    I have been thinking recently about petitioning Shell to produce a Rotella T6 Multi Vehicle oil in the 0w-20 grade. I think their 5w-30 variant is among the best SN rated oils on the market, not even taking price into consideration. I am using Rotella Gas Truck 0w-20 in my 2018 Limited Outback...
  8. Need advice on new tires for 2019

    Tire Discussion
    I have Nokian WR G4 tires on my 2018 Limited Outback and I have been using Nokian tires for 15 years. I think they offer the best all around tires for the Outback, period.
  9. Rotella T6 In 2.4T

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    I won't knock the 0w-20 oil viscosity due to the fact that many offerings, such as Mobil 1 EP, offer a high PAO content product at a very reasonable price. M1 EP is something like 70% PAO blended with group 3 oils used as additive carriers. That being said I don't think there is any oil...
  10. Car Insurance MEGA THREAD!

    General Discussions
    So I just merged a few car insurance threads and renamed the new conglomerate thread, all similar and just as charming as one another in how helpful they were to read through. I shopped around online today and so far Geico has come in being the winner of the quote war being $17 less per month...
  11. Car Insurance MEGA THREAD!

    General Discussions
    I wanted to revive this thread as I am now in a similar situation that I was in back in 2013 with my insurance. So I've been with Amica for six years, no issues and I've never filed any claims, and since renewing my policy after having officially declared residency in Wisconsin my yearly...
  12. Advertised gas mileage discrepancy

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    Fuel economy is primarily dependent on the driver and a series of variables unique to their driving circumstances. Your perception of what bait and switch means is way off. One entity says MPG for a car is different than another entity says their's is, this is an every day occurrence.
  13. Update - in video form - about the abandoned Subaru dealership

    Car Lounge
    I'm bout to turn that into my own personal fiefdom! K-Money Subaru where everyone pays KSRP!!! 😄
  14. Older car with lower miles or newer car with with higher miles

    General Discussions
    I had a 2003 Outback H6-3.0 that the owner after me put an additional 254,000 miles on before it crapped out. I can assure you that he did not do a good job maintaining the car. The 3.0L H6 has arguably the best track record of any Subaru engine as far as reliability and long term durability...
  15. Subaru places HOLD on sales and deliveries

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    Okay folks we need to make this thread more about general information and updates which is why I put it at the top of the forum.
  16. 2020 Owners Manual

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    Of note, 5w-30 oil can be used as a backup so long as you have at least a gallon of 0w-20 in the engine. I will probably just be buying 5 quart jugs of 0w-20 and dumping all of it in at every oil change. Also the 2.4L turbo engine can use up to 15% ethanol blended gasoline. A few stations in...
  17. New Here - 9 Years with an Outback

    New Member/User? Look Here!
    I am from Illinois and moved to Wisconsin in July 2018, couldn't be happier. Taxes alone make it worth it among other things.
  18. Costco Auto Program?

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    Costco's program is a referral service for their members and Costco does not set the prices, the dealership does. Dealerships pay Costco a fee should the customer referred to them by Costco purchase a vehicle from said dealership. There is no such thing as a "Costco Price"
  19. What is the best oil/filter?

    Irreconcilable Differences
    I didn't want to leave out you 5W-30 users! Shell Rotella Multi Vehicle is the best 5W-30 IMO. I am also 100% on the Fram Ultra Synthetic oil filter bandwagon as well.
  20. Subaru places HOLD on sales and deliveries

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    I was at my new favorite Subaru dealership yesterday and they had several 2020 Outbacks in but alas I was only able to sit in them and look around. I like what I saw from the Onyx, Limited, and Touring models but I really really really want to drive one :)
1-20 of 180 Results