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  1. Lifted on stock tires

    Outback Unpaved
    I agree that tires are #1/ As for which tire, I may be prejudiced because of my ATS experiences, but even that aside I see nothing in the G015 to inspire too much confidence. Have you considered Nokian Rotiiva AT? I am not sure what sizes they offer, but that would be my bet for best AT winter...
  2. Lifted on stock tires

    Outback Unpaved
    There is fact and then there is perception and preference. A Subaru on a 2" lift will have "body" roll in corners. Mine did. The V gen that I drove did. Whether you take corners fast enough to notice is another question. I was used to flat cornering on 1" total lift and STi flexible front brace...
  3. Spare Tire ideas

    Outback Unpaved
    I bought an 80$ steel wheel. If you are in AZ, you can have it for 40. But generally the best option would be to look for a single Tire Rack wheel on clearance. They can be 80-100, especially once they no longer have enough for a set. For a spare tire, I would look at
  4. Spare Tire ideas

    Outback Unpaved
    Yes, I don't think that the P metric AT3 is strong enough to eliminate the need for an actual spare. However, so long as it is kept at street pressures, I would not be really worried about sidewall issues/total tire loss. Since maintaining a proper spare on a Subaru is super difficult, one is...
  5. Lifted on stock tires

    Outback Unpaved
    There is no obvious connection really between lift and tires on IFS. On the IV gen, a lift made it harder to fit larger tires in the back, not easier. Maybe start from the tires and then see if you lack clearance. Chances are you will, if you travel loaded over rough terrain. I think that's...
  6. FS, AZ: 2x front seat headrests (ivory, from 2013): 40$ total

    As the title says. These are unused, replaced by the factory DVD ones. Literally like new. Cash only, 40$ for both.
  7. FS, AZ: Kids Trailer Bike (35$) and Thomas Train Bike (35$)

    Non-Subaru Related Items
    I am selling this bike trailer that I used with my younger son: WeeRide Co-Pilot Trailer Kids bike - bicycles - by owner - bike sale I am asking 35. I posted a brief description on craigslist. Very useful for a kid that does not start pedaling on their own right away. I have done frequently 12...
  8. Swing out tire carrier

    Outback Unpaved
    And you can use it only when on trips? Good idea!
  9. To lift or not to lift?

    Outback Unpaved
    I did not know that a V gen can take 1.5" in the rear without drop. Wow. Definitely not so on the IV. That should make a big difference, as you say. In addition, this prevents the rear diff from becoming the lowest point of the vehicle. Seems like a win all around. Ideally, that rear lift...
  10. Overlanding: Consolidated Info Thread

    Outback Unpaved
    I like the tidy arrangement. I am curious if someone has used the recovery boards successfully with a Subaru from a real bog. I have "tested" them and did not like them. Seem to require low range and even better something like crawl control on my 4R where you can choose 1-5 kmh and it really...
  11. BFG KO2 in beach sand?

    Outback Unpaved
    Yeah, totally air down for beach. As said above, 18 is a good start but even 12 may be needed if it is a challenging area. I would not go/have not gone lower than 12. I think my Coyote setting for sand is 15 but I don't normally do sand deep enough to require airing down so I don't remember ( I...
  12. Overlanding: Consolidated Info Thread

    Outback Unpaved
    I like it, it completes the package. Cheap and light to boot. I do have a filler plate on the 4R. Similar concept.
  13. Lift and tires

    Tire Discussion
    For what purpose? That's the key. I'd stay with tires only unless you have a very good reason to do spacers. When I had mine there was no suspension upgrade possible, doubt things have changed. Speaking of OE fitment anyway. No idea about custom setups. We eventually used KO2s and since they...
  14. Subaru outback 2018 xmode

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    I did not have xmode on my OB but these systems do make noise. Wanna hear the noise crawl control makes on my 4Runner? I have seen people agape looking at my vehicle thinking it will disintegrate or something:grin2: Just remember that on a Subaru, the system relies too much on the brakes...
  15. NYC = First Auto Show for 2020 OB !!

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    A full size spare on a USDM Subaru? And yet people talk about screen sizes>:) The 2020XT looks great as far as I am concerned.
  16. Anybody get rid of their donut spare tire and replace with other things?

    Outback Unpaved
    Interesting tidbit, the floor of the spare tire compartment is so strong, you can mold it with bare hands. Ask me how I know. And I am far from strong.
  17. NYC = First Auto Show for 2020 OB !!

    Gen 6: 2020-Future
    I am not sure why some feel that the automobile should be re-invented every five years. I wish I had a valid reason to get an XT Outback. The H6 was nice but the XT will be so much better. The big infotainment screen does not hurt and I am sure will be a good selling point on its own. The...
  18. Down to two options: Michelin Premier A/S or Pirelli Cinturato All Season Plus

    Tire Discussion
    Maybe also look at Nokian tires? They have an HT tire, not sure what sizes, that seems very interesting. I might go that direction with the Tribeca in fall. The Nokian will surely do great in rain and snow. It also claims to have sidewalls with special materials that make them more puncture...
  19. New online shop scam (suspension and more)?

    General Discussions
    Same here, at first I was like, man, someone is selling springs per unit rather than in pair and then I was like, ok. Got it. Small animals, fragrances, and coil springs. Totally makes sense, no? lol
1-20 of 413 Results