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  1. Buggered rear subframe. Fixable?

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    I was thinking probably yes too, hopefully I can get other cam bolt out and then I'll be able to compare the two. I'll post a comparitive pic if all goes well.
  2. Buggered rear subframe. Fixable?

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    I am in the process of fully refreshing my LL BEAN outback, all new bushings, everything rubber, you know, the works. In the process of removing a stubborn Cam bolt from the Lateral link I damaged the Rear Sub-frame cam bolt hole, Likely will have to do the same to the other side too. Looks...
  3. 2001 LLBean should I buy dilemma

    Pacific Northwest
    Mid December 2015, I bought a 2001 LL Bean H6 with 194K miles. Pristine interior, exterior was in top shape for year/miles. I paid about ~$3000 for mine. I bought mine with a barely felt shifting hesitation from the trans and decided to gamble that it was a fluid issue and nothing more dire...
  4. First subaru, oh the issues!

    Gen 3: 2005-2009
    I bought my 01 LL bean with a bevy of known issues (I'm an "accomplished" shade tree mechanic) with north of 195k miles and mine sits awaiting parts and care from the 1st day I drove it home from dealer ( side of the road "Bubba" dealer). If your dealer is willing to take steps to make you...
  5. 2002 Outback parts

    Rear cargo privacy shade <---- I'll take that. Rear cargo tray <---- dunno what that is, is that the rubber mat thing? Send me your price point and details via PM. Pics maybe?
  6. It happened: the dreaded gasket of death (aka head gasket) finally decided it was ove

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    +1 This is a great point. I looked at over 20 Outbacks when shopping for my Gen2 mine and every one had over 100K miles and no service history other than the "emissions test" noted on the Car fax. I got so frustrated with that fact ^ that had I found one with a log book and detailed service...
  7. 2002 Outback - dump it or keep it?

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    My '01 H6 is at 194k now. I have minor leaks all over, struts that are past due, transmission that just stated giving me the AT flashes ... etc. My point is that, with my two other cars to call upon when I need to go, I have not considered to sell my Bean and intend to fix all the above...
  8. Wow thieves will steal anything...

    General Discussions
    I'd be worried they had just confirmed their easy entry into your house on the next run since they walked away Scot free on try one. Arm yourself and prepare for battle.
  9. Parting out 2001 Subaru Outback.

    I am looking for a passenger side, rear, door handle. ( for an LL bean, dunno if that makes a difference or not) I'll gladly pay for shipping and what ever you think it is worth, within reasonable figures of course. :)
  10. NC Subie Owners

    Down South
    I realize this thread is a bit old .. I'm not ready for prime time yet, am still accumulating parts to recondition my new to me '01 H6. But am willing to meet up and bang out the trails when my ride is up and running. I've run Uwharrie a few times in my Jeep and on my bikes. The rocks...
  11. Subaru stuck in snow?

    General Discussions
    I don't mind getting mired. As in, someone in my group can pull me out and I'll return the favor. I LOATH getting stuck though.
  12. Hiya

    New Member/User? Look Here!
    And yes ... Just found my Car. 2001 Outback. H6 LL Bean. Body is in great shape, interior is in OUTSTANDING shape, and kudos to the original owner for keeping it that way for a car with 190K miles. Put 100 miles on it already and now its time to get it up on a lift and start...
  13. Hiya

    New Member/User? Look Here!
    New here, but not new to the internet thing. I've owned/operated my own sites since early 2004 and will do my best to avoid displaying the usual noob foibles. Just getting in on the ground floor here, in the market for a Gen 2 Outback and will be going to look at a few in my area soon. I...
1-13 of 13 Results