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Here's a look at my 2002 Subaru outback VDC
2021 White Outback Touring edition
My first Subaru and I love it.
Wheel: MR502(Titanium Gunmetal) Size: 17x8 Offset: 38mm Tires: OPEN COUNTRY A/T III SIZE: 225/65R17
2020 Outback Touring (Cdn)
Small update of what I’ve done thus far
We’re ready for some adventures!
Exploring with a Friend in the back country of Northeast Georgia
Little sightseein' on the way to fill up on natural springwater
Wheels, awning, tow ball, ready to go
Onyx XT (Crystal Black Silica)
The Mobius Stealth Dash Cam has a very small form factor, one of the reasons I like it.
This is my Outback. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
Pearl white Outback XT limited
Excited for upcoming mods on my Dadwagon
Purchased one month ago and progress with the build is good!
My daily driving 05 obxt
I recently got the 2 in Readylift SST Lift installed.
This is something to look out for on high mileage Subarus with rear alignment problems or excessive tire wear.
Breathing new life in a 305k mile Subie!
Very impressed with the car! Love the power compared to my Crosstrek and the fit and finish of the interior is really nice. This car feels like a true touring car and something I could drive all day and feel uncomfortable in.
Here’s my new Outback. Super excited to join the ranks!