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Legacy Outback Wagon
Metallic burgandy with beige trim
Rocky Mountain Specia Edition package
Originally a Colorado car, my stepfather bought the car from a transmission shop for $1,500, replaced the clutch and used it as a daily for a few years until he traded up to a GR chassis WRX. After that, I took possession I have been using it as a daily while I am attending college.
2002 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon (Metallic burgandy with beige trim)


Under the hood I am running nothing too awful special. This Legacy Outback came from the factory equipped with the standard issue SOHC EJ251 2.5 liter four, backed by a 5-speed manual transmission. To the engine I have done the standard stuff that just about every owner worth their salt has done to their Subaru of this era, i.e. replaced the head gaskets (along with the timing belt and all the stuff associated with that since I was there), and replaced the faulty Oxygen sensors along with other general maintenance. However, when we move on to the gear-train of this vehicle is when things start to get fairly interesting. A previous owner had swapped out the trans-axle as well as the rear diff for the units found in a 2002-2004 Impreza WRX. I have had the trans axle recently rebuilt for reliability's sake, and added a new Subaru short throw shifter with polyurethane bushings. In addition to that I added a poly urethane transmission mount to the car as well. It also has a cat-back exhaust taken from a later STi added the last owner, however that is going to be on its way out soon. I do have extensive plans for the power-train in the future after I am finished with school.
Much like the exterior the interior isn't anything really that special, I've kept it fairly stock apart from an aftermarket stereo head unit, and everything else I've done with it has just been cleaning and maintenance. 1
Exterior is nothing really special as I've kept it fairly stock. Despite 15 years and 170k+ miles, the paint is in fairly decent condition apart from a few dents and scratches, this car was and is no garage queen. However rust is quickly becoming an issue as with most of these cars from this era, with holes in the passenger rear quarter, and bubbles appearing in both rockers behind the rear doors.
I have added an new aftermarket stereo head unit with Bluetooth, a USB port, Auxiliary input jack, and CD player to the car just to make it a bit nicer as a daily driver and more fun on road trips. I also believe the previous owner may have installed aftermarket speakers as well, however I do not know when or what brand, just that they sound far better than other Legacies of this eras that I have been around.
Wheel and Tire
I am currently running a stock set up here as well, it has the wheels it came from the factory with, as well as the Subaru recommended BF Goodrich all-season tire. As with the power-train and suspension these will be receiving a significant upgrade in the near future.



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