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General Information

Legacy Outback
Forest Green
I previously owned a 2009 Subaru Legacy Special Edition, which my wife at the time, got into a really bad rear-end collision with. Thank god it was a Subaru, all the safety technology saved her life. She was going about 60 MPH when she rear-ended a stopped car. The car was totaled and that ended my Subie.

I was given this 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback by a good friend. I was in pretty rough condition. Two flat tires and the interior was covered in dirt and dog hair. It needed a new front axle and a catalytic converter. A friend and I installed the new front axle. I installed the new Catalytic Converter. I got it registered and insured. I went on to drop the front differential gear oil, drained the transmission fluid, and changed the oil twice before the first 1000 miles I put on it. Now, I'm up to a new exhaust from the exhaust manifold through the second catalytic converter, which I did myself.
1998 Subaru Legacy Outback (Forest Green)


Dash mounted smart phone. Bluetooth FM Transceiver. Pandora and my playlists all day long.


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