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Mustang 2+2
Blue Metallic (Porsche Color) w/ Silver Stripe
This was actually my first car, bought it when i was 15. Originally it was a I6 200ci C4 car. It now has a racing front end, 302HO V8, T5 5 Spd Trans... couldnt afford the rear end i wanted to build so its still on leaf springs back there, but they are shackled now. She makes about 390hp to the rear wheels :)
1965 Ford Mustang 2+2 (Blue Metallic (Porsche Color) w/ Silver Stripe)


an old 302HO, handbuilt by a local legend, NA, ford racing heads and edelbrock manifold, a cheap 4bbl carb (which might explain the vacuum issue where it stalls when its hot), custom hooker headers (because my engine/front end/trans/model is nowhere near OEM, they were actually great to work with, took three tries for them to build headers that worked.) Rebuilt T5 rated to 1000hp, new 9" rear end (cant remember my final gearing, but cruising around town i dont need 5th, thats just a highway gear, 1-4 are pretty close together).
all new interior, all black (to keep costs down)
New GT350 style fiberglass hood (metal frame reinforced).
hidden stereo, 4 speakers, cant really hear it over the engine anyways... hahaha
Wheel and Tire
I think i fit 255s in the rear and 235s up front (for fender rub reasons). Without spending a boatload of money on a mini-tub and suspension upgrades i couldnt get any more rubber under the back. But luckily if i do lose traction, because of the shackles, she actually tracks in a straight line, which is a weird experience. haha.


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