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General Information

Outback XT
Diamond Grey Metallic
2008 Subaru Outback XT (Diamond Grey Metallic)

Bought the car to end up having a rod knock a month into ownership, and come to find out the turbine shaft in the turbo fractured in half. Full rebuild!

Car sat for 7 months before finally making its way to Flat Four Automotive in Troy, MI. Brand new OEM short block from Subaru, new BNR Evo3 16g turbo, and a Cobb uppipe were the first items on order. Then came everything else. Nearly everything on the engine we ordered new just to be safe. To add better reliability and longevity to the engine/car we decided to remove the emissions parts(TGV, air pumps, etc.) which will hopefully create smoother performance AND better MPGs!

As of today, 8/8, the car is waiting on all the parts to arrive so Matt at FFA can start putting everything together and rebuilding the engine. Soon, very soon, I'll have the OBXT that I've been wanting and have been waiting for for longer than I expected. Good things come to those who wait?


Subaru OEM everything...for now.
Stock and clean.
Rally Armor mud flaps.
SSD rally light bar.
Dual LED driving lights between dual LED fog lights on the SSD bar. Added for extra visibility during rural and offload driving.
Cobb uppipe is only current modification. Down pipe to come soon.
Wheel and Tire
Summer setup: Rota P1(gold) wrapped in cheap 225/45/18 tires to be updated next summer.
Winter setup: Stock OBXT rims wrapped in Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 SL 225/55/17.
All Terrain setup: Coming soon with stock 5 spoke '07 Impreza rims and TBD tires.