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General Information

Outback Wagon
Obsidian Black Pearl
1 previous owner, originally sold in 2005 in SLC. I bought it about a month ago with about 129.6k miles on the odometer. Apparently manufactured in Indiana.
2006 Subaru Outback Wagon (Obsidian Black Pearl)


Before I bought the car, it had an oil leak that had to be fixed, and supposedly was fixed. Haven't been able to get the car up on a ramp or anything yet, and if I did, I wouldn't know where to start. still leaks dark fluid, possibly oil, I'm thinking clutch fluid, based on what I had to do over the weekend of March 17-18. I had NO clutch fluid, NO coolant/antifreeze, NO windshield washer fluid, and was low on power steering fluid. I'm honestly surprised nothing blew up on me. It was shifting rougher than usual (I'm a novice stick driver), so I had been meaning to check the clutch. I did, and there was none. I took a different car, bought DOT 4 because that's what they had and I was told it's compatible with DOT 3 systems, and refilled it. Didn't bleed it because there was nothing TO bleed. New battery purchased and installed. Other than fluids and battery, I've done nothing. I'm told it also had the power steering pump and CV joints replaced. Currently trying to track down a mechanical history of the vehicle.
I had to MacGuyver a way to reattach the extendible armrest on the center console to the rest of the car, as the screws and washers for that were conspicuously absent. Other than that, the interior appears to be stock, albeit in excellent condition.
Heated Seats for the win!!!
I need to do some. It looks like it was in a minor accident and got towed, as the tow hook hole cover is missing, the front passenger side fender popped out from where it attaches to the front bumper, and the passenger-side corner of the front bumper is damaged.
AM/FM radio, 1-disc CD player, and a clock, if that counts for anything.
Wheel and Tire
Unknown. Probably need new tires, though.



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