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General Information

Legacy Outback Limited Wagon
Black w/ purple undertone
Limited Package
'99 Legacy Outback Limited, 2.5/5MT

Bought the car for $650 from DeLuca Auto Sales, Pleasantville, NY (Westchester). At time of purchase, odometer read 161,000~.

When we picked up the car, it was running on 3 cylinders and leaking exhaust (rotted manifold). Fixed the misfire and had it running on all 4 in about a week (bad terminal on ignition coil). The exhaust took much longer to fix but is currently about 98% leak-free (does not leak from new header, most likely a cat flange).
1999 Subaru Legacy Outback Limited Wagon (Black w/ purple undertone)


This part of the list is not so much about mods, but more or less maintenance items to get the car back to good running condition.

-AIP Electronics OE ignition coil
-NGK wires & plugs
-OE fuel pump
-Duralast battery, OE replacement
-Brighter, whiter 9006 replacement headlight bulbs, on sale at Harbor Freight for ~$5 a bulb. Can't beat the price, and they actually work pretty well.

This list is for actual mods:

-Borla replica UEL 304 stainless longtube exhaust header

-$30 eBay short shifter, 6061 billet aluminum. Might replace this with a Kartboy shifter at some point. The eBay unit occasionally resists the 5th-3rd highway emergency downshift, but other than that I'm satisfied with its performance and throw reduction. It's never an issue going 5th-4th-3rd (no clutch release in 4th) and 1st-2nd-3rd, but sporadically denies 5th-3rd.

Coming very soon when funds allow:

-ACT Stage 1 Clutch kit (clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, etc) & new OE flywheel

-Cherry Bomb glasspack muffler (just something cheap to unlock the Subie rumble from the UEL header)

-GrimmSpeed phenolic intake manifold spacers, thinking about doing a little port & polish while it's apart.
-partially replaced instrument gauge cluster bulbs with LEDs. Will complete when funds allow, at about $9 per LED these aren't cheap...only replaced 2 of them so far, and even with that the difference is night and day (no pun intended).

-eventually plan on swapping to 140 mph Legacy gauge cluster
-2 Yitamotor 6" LED light bars, mounted in lower grille on either side of the license plate. 3A fused on RL45 relay & RS40 socket, power and ground off battery.

-polished the headlight housings (previously yellow and cloudy, now almost showroom condition aside from rock chips)
-Alpine CDA-9883 head unit (came installed in car)
Wheel and Tire
Currently just black plastidipped stock alloy 5 spokes, and that's only because the aluminum is heavily corroded. Waiting until the winter's over to make further progress. My plans in this department are factory Legacy GT wheels. 1" larger (16") and 0.5" wider (6.5"), and I love the way they look.

The car came with 4 brand new Michelins. 1st Michelin tire I've owned and no complaints so far, quite grippy.



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