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General Information

Outback 3.6R
Deep Indigo Pearl
No Nav..No Eyesight...No CVT...No Touchscreen...Everything Else (just the way I like it)
Early, very, very low VIN# 2014, single owner, 30K miles, extra clean(which doesn't seem to be unusual for used Subaru). Dealer recorded maintenance and recall (wiper motor) found. Came with the luggage cover, all weather mats and bumper guard plus the original unused carpet mats. Unusual color, I didn't even know the Subaru blue was offered in this model year. Dealer had done the brakes and replaced the tires with Continental True Contacts. Upon inspection, divet in the windshield got me another $300 off. Signing for 2K under NADA retail put a smile on my face! Even had a couple of weeks of bumper to bumper warranty left but no issues found. NO REGRETS!
2014 Subaru Outback 3.6R (Deep Indigo Pearl)


Haven't touched it. Yet. Gibson Stainless maybe? OEM exaust has suffered a bit from the Ohio road salt. On hold. Enjoying the quiet.
Scosche magnetic mounts for cell phone and old cell phone acting as HUD.
Subaru OEM Compartment Separator with pass-thru so that the middle seat belt and the luggage cover may still be used.
Trimmed and edged an old Heat Shield shade to perfectly fit the rear window, protects the antenna and defroster when transporting the canine.
Cheapie large cargo net to pin down whatever, used daily.
Cequent CQT75224 2" Receiver Hitch installed by U-Haul. Ground clearance still the same, no bumper cutting.
I will tint the front side windows with ceramic on some warm and sunny day. I will never tint the windshield.
Just a USB adapter with a 64GB MicroSD card, 1/2 full. Appears all titles are seen and readable. OEM HK w/sub is adequate for my needs.
Wheel and Tire
If I win the Lotto..



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