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H4 Outback
Two Tone - White with Grey Trim
Base Model
I am the proud second owner of this fine Australian Outback. The original owner has has it serviced at the dealership all the way up until I got my hands on it at around about 120k klms for $3000. It this point the car had towed caravans all its life (due to the hi/low 5spd manual trans previous owner went through three of these) and it was very very tired. I drove it while learning then when I got my P1 licence around 150k klms and decided to take it off the road for a full top end rebuild. This rebuild ended up costing $1500 including VRS kit, Timing belt with tensions and water pump kit, Clutch, one new CV, head machining and Radiator. After all of this work the gen 2 OB didn't seem like a tired old car anymore with all of the carbon deposits off the top of the pistons the engine was alive again and it launches fairly well.

I currently have my P2 licence and am parting out a H6 gen 2 OB for an engine swap. The old thing has grown on me.
2000 Subaru H4 Outback (Two Tone - White with Grey Trim)


Custom sub woofer box
JBL Gear -
6.5' 300W Front Speakers with separate tweeters

Sony Explod Gear -
Headunit - Touchscreen, Double din, Apple car play
Amplifiers - 600W 4-way, 1100W 2-way
Rear Speakers - 300W 6.5' 3-way
Subwoofer - 1800W 12' with custom box
Wheel and Tire
Black Lion



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