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General Information

A previous owner rebuilt the engine about 80k ago, so it's basically brand new!

Found the old bird on Craigslist. The lady selling it said it wasn't running due to a bad fuel injector. When I inquired further about it (questioning the validity of one bad injector making the car not run at all) I figured out it was the fuel PUMP that was bad. She showed me the mechanic's report, and it seemed legit. She also posted, in her ad, what the person she had bought from posted about it, and the thing was essentially a gold mine of rebuilt/replaced parts and necessary high-mileage maintenace.
The lady seemed genuine, o I took a bit of a gamble and got a ride out to where she lived (half and hour drive), and got dropped off there with the tools and parts to put the pump in myself. (Plus fuel filter since the line was already depressurized)
2 hours and a ice-cold glass of lemonade (classy lady!) later, and it started right up! Took a quick test drive, talked her down a bit, and drove away with a Subaru for under $950, parts included.

Since then (which was 2 weeks ago at the time of writing) I've replaced all brake pads and rotors, rebuilt the calipers, changed oil to Rotella T6 (use it, you'll love it), did plugs and wires, air filter, O2 sensors, got the transmission flushed and new filter put in, installed Forester struts for Dat Lift, and put 4 new General Grabber AT2's on it. Just need to clean the throttle body and it should be good to go!
1997 Subaru Outback (Green)


EJ25 with a sprinkle of love.
90's chic
Rust and Relaxation
Bazooka Tube subs and random amp I bought off a dude like 6 years ago.
Wheel and Tire
205/75r15 General Grabber AT2



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