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General Information

Legacy, outback Limited
AutoTrans :(
I got this car from a family friend for 800$ with 250000km. It had an leak in the fuel tank, which I replaced with one for a same era turbo Impreza tank most of it was the same.
other repairs
-polyurethane Bushings
-whiteline endlinks
-stereo, double din deck, component front speakers.
-Scangauge2 tool installed in the place the useless parking light switch is.
then I drove it across the country reached vancouver and blew the headgasket (really happy it happend once I made it to my destination.. I told Suzie before I started her to start me trip that if she gets me to Vancouver I would fix her)
- Fixed the headgasket, Timing belt, water pump, tensioner, rollers,
-knock sensor,
-transmission filter and gasket
-Front axles
-Inner outer tie rod
- axle stub oil seal
-changed fluids
-novelty trumpet horns 20$ at princes auto.

next to come is the suspension, the sag is bugging me.

all of this stuff was fixed by me only things shops have done since I owned it are alignments and a tire balancing.. with this I got an alignement that made it worse, and a broken lugstud
1998 Subaru Legacy, outback Limited (Red)


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