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General Information

Outback Limited
Dark green over silver
Bought in Sydney NSW in 2014 with no history sight unseen by myself. Stock as can ever be, reall nice straight car. 158,000kms. Had a friend look at it, make the purchase and thrash it to see if anything broke before i flew over from WA (to make sure it was reliable enough for the 4200km (2100mi?) drive back home). 2000km of his front diff later, had a new DR5MT fitted under warranty and i had a new HD clutch go in while the box was out. Sweet!
Ripped out the useless fog lamps and replaced them with spotlights for the drive. Made it home no issues at all.

Since then, its been a slow build from parts sourced from anywhere and everywhere for offroad, camping, scavenging and for touring Australia. It now sits nearly kind of maybe a completed project if there is ever such a thing!
2002 Subaru Outback Limited (Dark green over silver)


3 row fully TIG welded Alloy radiator with trimmed fans to compensate, snorkel piping, second battery with custom made tray, large intermediate battery with new tray
Rear drawer modified to fit the OB with camping + random equipement/tooling, 1980's or 90's Finch 3 way fridge, 4 way rear power sockets hooked to constant power, 15" led trunk lid light, 2x fire extinguishers, twin volt meters and ABS switch on custom alloy panel, VDO water temp gauge, UHF cb radio 80ch, GPS speedometer, china crap compass, china crap inside temp and hygrometer, led emergency (cop style) flasher light system front and rear.
Irvin alloy bullbar off a 1997 model, aftermarket fog lights, 21" light bar, bug screen, custom 3mm steel bash plate from bullbar to rear of motor, scrap yard special alloy roof rack, 2.5m x 2.5m fold out awning, rack mounted shovel, roof led spot lights hooked up to constant battery power, GT forester springs on roof to act as awning weights when unfolded, rear led reverse spotlight, towbar from a 1989 model liberty with bracing, 1990's Pajero snorkel custom fitted with custom piping to factory airbox, SF forester front mudflaps, H6 rear mudflaps with plastic extensions, drivers side weathershield from some kind of Holden sourced from a dumpster, passenger side garden edging rain sheild that works when the car is in motion.
Factory stereo with Pioneer speakers sourced from abandoned bush cars.
Wheel and Tire
215/70r16 Maxxis highway terrain tyres. My chosen tyre, havebeen the best performing tyre ive had and have taken insane amounts of abuse. I have had a decent amount of flats due to the places i drive sometimes. Highway terrain allows for gradual wheel slip and stops sudden grab. Saves the CV's from damage.

I run factory alloys or BBS 16x6.5" which i beleive may have come on an import SF Forester STi.



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