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Legacy Outback Limited, 30th Anniversary Edition
That black pearl flake paint-orange peeled hood
It carries all kinds of packages.
Bought it in 2006 with 92K. Had no idea it had a blown headgasket. Found out soon enough. Fixed it, drove it, loved it. First Subaru, still have it.
1999 Subaru Legacy Outback Limited, 30th Anniversary Edition (That black pearl flake paint-orange peeled hood)


At 228K I sent the engine off for rebuild. It had a cracked valve, smelled uber rich coming out of exhaust. We drove it anyway. Sucked up gas like it was being poured into the cylinder. Debated for a year about selling or fixing. No mods, just some seal upgrades, a higher gpm oil pump and a stage 1 clutch which grabs 'right now'. It was odd at first, but both the mechanic and I love it. He drove it for the first 500 break-in miles. We trade back and forth for the next 1500. Upgraded to steel braided brake lines. Massive difference.
It has an Alpine Stars sticker that was installed by the previous owner. Still intact, in the same place. Removed the tint from all 7 windows- fronts were lighter than the rest. The intention is to retint all 7 windows the same- dark, probably just over illegal. Yeah, I am on the rebellious side.
Bumps and bruises. Installed brand new headlight assemblies a while back, with the spendy white lights. They replaced the worn, yellowed, repeatedly repolished plastic ones. I appreciate seeing at night again.
Stereos in, stereos out. Single din. Speaker upgrades. Nothing severe. Replaced the power antenna, now it works up and down again. No difference in radio reception.
Wheel and Tire
Just took the OE wheels from my '08 OBXT Limited (225/55/R17) and mounted them in place of the OE 15" rims. They had 205/75/R15 Michelin Defenders. Excellent tires for daily driving and rain/winter and inclement weather. Just not very good at cornering at 60ish. Great ride (should be for the massive balloons) and good fuel economy.


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