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1990 legacy

  1. New hood had dent

    New hood had dent

    My new hood had a dent in it. As it turned out, the shipping company paid for the hood, and it didn't cost me a dime. That was quite the blessing. I can fix the dent later!
  2. A lot shorter...

    A lot shorter...

    Just a different view of the deer damage. The engine had broken timing covers, the mounting brackets were broken for all the lights, AC condensor and radiator crushed, fans crushed, radiator support crushed, etc., etc....
  3. Deer Slayer

    Deer Slayer

    On 3/20/05, coming home from my parents house, we were cruising at 65mph with the cruise control on, we clubbed a big doe. She fared worse than my wife's Legacy. It totalled ($3,100), my wife bought a '96 Outback, and I bought this back from the insurance company for $35.00. I repaired this car f