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2001 outback

  1. 2001 OB 97k miles: what to do?

    Head Gasket Issues
    Hi y’all, as the title says; I have a 2001 OB w 97,500 miles. The HG is pretty far gone. The coolant is mixing. No temp issues yet and no white smoke. The car is clean as ****. I just bought it for $2700. I screwed up, didn’t do my homework and bought a lemon. There is a shop here in New Haven...
  2. 99 outback with 01 auto trans???? PLEASE HELP

    Gen 1: 1995-1999
    Subaru nation please help will an 2001 outback 2.5 AUTO trans swap into my 99 legacy outback 2.5 The trans is bad in my 99 and my friends 01 just had the trans rebuilt before crashing it It still runs an drive btw 99 is a 2.5 dohc 16v limited trim 30th anniversary edition 01 is unkown trim with...
  3. 2001 outback Driver window and Lean back function of Power seat not Functioning

    Electrical & Electronics
    Hello, My driver side power window is not functioning. I do not think it is a fuse related problem as the other windows work and the only other thing that does not work in the car is the lean back function of the driver power seat. I have been reading through the forums and was trying to...