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2006 outback 2.5i

  1. 2006 subaru outback (i know, just kill me already)

    Problems & Maintenance
    so i spent 2300 on a 2006 subaru outback sohc limited 2.5i with 137,000 miles, was enamored by the great price. had to fix a few small things (radiator cap, thermostat , spark plugs, struts) and i was dreading having to do the timing belt. so i started getting a cylinder 3 misfire, and a p0026...
  2. Help Me Fix My 06 OB

    Gen 3: 2005-2009
    Hello all, I am a newcomer to the forums but I am here to ask for help. So I have multiple codes being thrown on my 06 OB 2.5i Base. Please read the whole post. ANY AND ALL HELP APPRECIATED Recent problems but fixed, abs speed sensors were chewed up by bearing, the alternator was outputting...