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  1. 2010 outback 2.5 182k - questions/problems that I have before taking to dealer on Monday for service

    Gen 4: 2010-2014
    Hello, My 2010 outback is at 182k miles and I'm taking it to the dealer to replace the valve cover gaskets and sparkplugs on Monday. At 180,000 miles I had a 2 thousand dollar service done where the dealer replaced my timing belt, serp belt, coolant flush, serviced front and rear...
  2. 2010 Outback Manual

    Parts, Accessories, & Performance
    So, I need to get my BG differential serviced. Do I need to have it flushed? They want to charge $180 for 3 qts, anyone know if that price is on par, to me it seems high.
  3. 2010 Outback coolant crossover leak

    Problems & Maintenance
    Back in march I had a multi point inspection performed at my local dealer (about a hour away) and they noticed a coolant leak/seepage from the coolant crossover pipe o-rings. I figured I could put it off for awhile because I had just paid $400 for them to fix a broken sensor. For seven months I...
  4. Just me n wife and our two "kids" the dogs

    Just me n wife and our two "kids" the dogs

  5. OEM Hitch Install

    OEM Hitch Install

    installation of OEM Hitch and Wheel Well Molding
  6. Colorado's First Big Snow - 10/28/09

    Colorado's First Big Snow - 10/28/09