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2013 outback

  1. Cylinder misfire and engine sputtering on outback

    Problems & Maintenance
    I purchased a 2013 outback wag with 67000 miles. Issue with Check engine light, park brake light, and cruise control lights flashing with engine “bucking” and sputtering. Got to mechanic with computer stating 4th cylinder coil was toast and all sparks needed replacement. Within a month, same...
  2. 2013 Outback whining noise

    General Discussions
    I recently purchased a used 2013 Outback with a little over 120000 miles on it. So far I'm loving every part of being a Subaru owner although I have noticed something since driving it off the lot. Whenever I am losing acceleration there is a whining noise that comes from what seems to be the...
  3. 2013 Outback none of the windows go down (or up)

    Electrical & Electronics
    None (none!) of the windows go down (or up) on my 2013 Outback. 1- I checked the Passengers’ windows lock button (even tho we all know it never affected the driver window operation) 2- I checked fuses 2 ,3, 15, 27, 29. All OK incl. 3- I disconnected battery for 30s and reconnected. 4- All...