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2014 outback

  1. Ground locations near driver's side fuse box?

    Gen 4: 2010-2014
    Hi! 2014 Outback here. I want to hardwire a dashcam in at the driver's side fuse box, but I need a ground. Where the easiest location near the fuse box to do this? Also, if the ground is behind the panel in the picture below, how the heck do you get that side panel off??? Thank you!
  2. DIY Amp Installation

    Electrical & Electronics
    Hello, I have a Gen 4 2014 Subaru Outback. I just bought a used amp and I'm trying to do the installation myself, however I do not know the specs for the market radio. If someone could tell me if I require a Line Output converter and if I do, what kind would work best. This would be very...
  3. Rear seat back totally horizontal on 2014 outback

    Problems & Maintenance
    Several months ago, after removing the rear seat cushion, I was only able to fold down the wider passenger side rear seat back to about 10-15 degrees above true horizontal because there is some kind of bar or something solid that is preventing full horizontality. Now, several months later, I...