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  1. 2014 TrailerHitch 20

    I also installed the T-One Connector wiring kit from U-Haul. It's very simple. The hardest part was accessing the vehicle's tow plug which is tucked up under the driver's side "trunk trim." The plug is folded and taped back onto itself, so you need to reach up under the trim and tear the t
  2. 2014 TrailerHitch 17

    Install washers and nuts to hold the hitch in place, but leave loose as you'll need wiggle room to reinstall the heat shield.
  3. 2014 TrailerHitch 18

    Trim heat shield per instructions and reinstall with four bolts. Reinstall muffler hanger. Now you can tighten bolts for the hitch.
  4. 2014 TrailerHitch 19

    Reinstall muffler (hangers first, then bolts), bumper trim and rear light assemblies and you're done! (with the hitch)
  5. 2014 TrailerHitch 12

    Release the muffler (with vigorous wrestling action) from the rear rubber muffler hanger and set aside.
  6. 2014 TrailerHitch 14

    Position the trailer hitch. I preferred to do this step before feeding the bolts though because it eliminates the chance of me knocking the bolts back up through the frame. It's crude, I know, but a car jack under the hitch receiver and a pair of five gallon buckets with cinder blocks on either side
  7. 2014 TrailerHitch 15

    Now remove the plugs from the holes on the bottom of the frame and feed through the spacers and bolts. The hardware nearest the rear of the vehicle can be placed in by hand, while the forward most bolts and spacers need to be installed with the fish wire included in your kit. I'm not going into grea
  8. 2014 TrailerHitch 11

    Release the muffler (with vigorous wrestling action) from the forward rubber muffler hanger.
  9. 2014 TrailerHitch 9

    Remove the bumper. You will need a 14mm DEEP WELL socket for all the bolts and an extension for two of them (this caused two trips to the hardware store for me and loss of valuable daylight!!).
  10. 2014 TrailerHitch 5

    I neglected to photograph the location of the rearmost push pins until after installation was finished, so just pretend the trailer hitch isn't there at this point.
  11. 2014 TrailerHitch 6

    Remove the bumper trim. DO NOT PULL FORCIBLY due to potential damage to the flange section on the rear bumper face. The image is self-explanatory for how I removed the bumper trim.
1-20 of 20 Results