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  1. 2017 3.6R spark plug replacement

    Problems & Maintenance
    I'm the original owner of my 2017 Outback 3.6R Limited. Mileage is at almost 56K. Reading suggested maintenance says to replace the spark plugs at 60K miles. Two questions to follow. 1st. What is the least invasive and proven process to replace the spark plugs? The plugs are about 2 inches...
  2. Gold plus warranty, usefulness / value

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    Hi all, I was talked into purchasing the gold plus warranty for my 2017 certified pre owned outback. I did so because I had a 90 day window to get a refund that is set to expire in a few days. I purchased it separately and not as part of my loan. I’ve seen in the forums people discuss the...
  3. Outback 2017 (Gen 2) Latest Maps update is 2018.Q3??!?!?

    Audio, Video, Security, & Navigation
    For some reason we never received emails or notifications that there were any map updates to our 2017 Outback and I realized while driving a new route that the GPS was out of date (i.e. said to make left turn where there's No Left Turn sign etc). Turns out we're out of the original three-year...
  4. 2017 Radio Bugs

    Gen 5: 2015-2019
    I seem to be the minority around here, but I've had some (albeit minor) issues out of the radio in my 2017. The first issue was the radio changing stations and the touch buttons (home, map, info, etc.) would lock up and become unresponsive. The dealer swapped in a new radio under warranty and...
  5. Subaru Outback / Legacy 2.5 Pre-owned Transmission

    For Sale / For Free
    Year: 2015 Make: Subaru Model: Outback Trim: 2.5i Limited Wagon 4D Body style: suv Exterior color: Green Interior color: Tan Fuel type: Gasoline Vehicle condition: Excellent Mileage: 77000 Disclaimer : This IS the new/used Trans directly from warranty company. Warranty company sent me a...
  6. Car Camping inside the Subaru

    General Discussions
    I currently have a 2017 Subaru. I have camped out the back of my car with my partner once and we want to make it a reoccurring activity. Does anyone have an suggestions, pictures, measurements for how to build a lifted bed in the back of a 2017 Subaru? Ideally I would like space for thin...