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  1. 2001 outback engine swap

    Gen 2: 2000-2004
    I've got a 2001 outback. The body and suspension is shot. The 2.5 engine and auto trans are good. I can pick up a 2001 outback with a blown 3.0 engine for cheap. (clean body, good suspension). How difficult would it be to swap in the 2.5 engine or engine and trans. (both are automatics).?
  2. Hc error U1221 CAN-HS no receive data 05 OBS 3.0

    Electrical & Electronics
    So my ignition cylinder went out on my 2005 outback sedan 3.0 when I went to a store( which I’ve dealt with before 3 years ago in my 2005 OBS 2.5i ) which was a plug and play scenario no problem. But now I pulled the cylinder and tried to manually switch the ignition switch to turn it on and...
  3. Dragging / resistance when coasting in 5th

    Problems & Maintenance
    Hi all, Recently I have noticed an issue as follows: 1. Intermittently if I take my foot off the gas revs drop to a higher level than normal (2k rather than 1k) and I feel resistance. This vehicle then does what feels like a smooth downshift but the car is still in 5th. This "downshift" then...