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  1. Car beeps when starting

    General Discussions
    Hello! I’ve tried to find answers here to no avail. My battery died over winter and at the end the horn started honking. We pulled the battery to stop it. Once we got everything back working, the car does a fast beeping sound (3-4 beeps) whenever you start the car. It’s a 2017 outback. Any...
  2. What's involved in disabling the passive alarm?

    Audio, Video, Security, & Navigation
    I just got a used 2012 Outback. The prior owner had the passive alarm enabled by the dealer, and I'd like to disable it. What's involved in doing this? The manual says the dealer has to enable it (which is what happened), but says nothing about disabling it afterward. I called two local...
  3. Alarm goes on when I start the car! please help!

    Problems & Maintenance
    I reluctantly just bought an '05 Outback Legacy(?). I hate newer(ha!) cars with all the bells and whistles, and this one promptly reaffirmed that for me. It drove home fine, took it out again that night, all is well...Next day it would not start and all the lights in dash were spazzing out and...